Install Steps For First-time Run

If you're running Gogs inside Docker, please read Guidelines carefully before you change anything in this page!

Database Settings

Gogs requires MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, MSSQL or TiDB.

Please use INNODB engine with utf8_general_ci charset for MySQL.
The file path of SQLite3 database.
Please use absolute path when you start as service.

Application General Settings

Put your organization name here huge and loud!
All Git remote repositories will be saved to this directory.
The user must have access to Repository Root Path and run Gogs.
This affects SSH clone URLs.
Port number which your SSH server is using, leave it empty to disable SSH feature.
Port number which application will listen on.
This affects HTTP/HTTPS clone URL and somewhere in email.
Directory to write log files to.

Optional Settings

Email Service Settings
Mail from address, RFC 5322. It can be just an email address, or the "Name" <[email protected]> format.
Server and Other Services Settings
Admin Account Settings

You don't need to create an admin account right now. The first user in the users table will be automatically granted admin access.